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Metal Cupboards

Whether they are constructed from wood or metal, cupboards are a type of storage cabinet used both at home and within the work place. The term was originally used to describe an open-shelved side table but over the decades ‘the cupboard’ has evolved and gradually come to mean a closed piece of furniture.

Office Environment

No office is complete without both metal filing cabinets and metal storage cupboards. When planning the layout of any office, storage should always be a key consideration. Our cupboards are the perfect storage solution for paperwork and files to stationery and envelopes. The inside of the cupboard can be customised according to your requirements whether you need only one shelve or four. Whilst some offices will require vast numbers of metal cupboards and filing cabinets, other will require only a few. Metal Office Furniture will cater to any number of products required and meet customer needs by providing a competitive nation-wide delivery service.

Whilst our metal cupboards are the ideal office storage solution, they are also extremely economical in cost. They are simple in design and functionality but stylish in any size office environment. It is important to remember that first impressions of a company and its employees can never be made a second time. For this reason, it is essential to ensure your surroundings and furniture choices convey professionalism and efficiency. If prospective clients are impressed by what they view at your premises, they will have more than enough confidence in your abilities and how you conduct business on a day to day basis.

Security & Confidentiality

These two are also key factors within any office environment whether large or small. Documents are usually of a sensitive nature and require filing in secure location. With this in mind all storage products within Metal Office Furniture contain a locking feature. The flush fitted, twist locking handle is easy to use and adds to the simplicity of the cupboard itself. If metal cupboards are being utilised within an accounts office, it is a necessity that they have the ability to be locked at the end of every day. The cupboards include a full length door stiffener reinforcing the product as whole and decreasing the chances of doors being forced open.

The metal cupboards are no more than 460 in depth, 920 in width and are available in five different heights ranging from 690 to 1950. Customer service and satisfaction is both crucial and paramount at Metal Office Furniture and our website was developed in response to market demand. The variation in cupboard height provides our customers with alternatives and choices. This allows you to tailor the design of your office accordingly.

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